Centauri Socialist Republic

Centauri Socialist Republic (CSR)

  • Stats: (3, 1, 0)
  • Description: “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” This is the creed of the Centauri Socialist Republic. Peopled with earnest and idealistic crusaders for the greater good, they have overcome many hardships to create a society where every citizen is guaranteed a comfortable standard of living. However, this has engendered a society of bland and mild mannered, uniform mediocrity. Central planning has assured the every resource is accounted for and used appropriately.
  • Aspects: Boooooorrrringggg. ; “No, I really DO need it.”


  • Gaian Collective +0
  • First Galactic Syndicate (FGS) +2
  • Nomen (N) +1
  • Scar-eph (SE) -1
  • Mantico Mining Confederation (MMC) -2
  • The Arcadian Edenistic Commune (AEC) +0
  • Bandula (B) +1
  • Sanshala (S) +1
  • Free Belt Habitats (FBH) +1

Centauri Socialist Republic

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