Being of unknown origin


Roc is a being of unknown origin and age. He keeps to him self but has shown a knack for survivial.


Stamina 3
Energy Weapons 2
Tactics 1
Profession: Chaos Psyker 1
Archaeology 1


Have a thing: Psychic Power
Military Grade: EVA (Armor) – Powered Marine Armor
Military Grade: Energy Weapons – Fusion Gun

Stress Track:

Health 5
Composure: 3
Wealth: 3


Growing Up

Roc grew up on the maximum security prison of Nomen Prime a interstellar prison that houses the worse scoundrels in the known galaxy. He has no memory of his origins and was raised by the staff. As child was experimented on by the sadistic chief medical officer as he had no legal protection.

  • Aspect: Durable

Starting Out

After decades of government tests and experiments there was a pirate raid on the facility as a band of mercenaries were trying to save their captain. He happened to be Roc’s cellmate and Roc escaped with the vagabonds during the confusion. Arriving on Pit Stop with no means of support, he signed up with the scoundrels and started a life as a pirate. Given his knack for taking punishment, he served as a marine boarder.

  • Aspect: Battle hardened

Moment Of Crisis

While the “Dauntless” was being retrofit at Gateway station Roc travelled down to Scar-eph to view some of the ancient relics. However, when they entered the great temple he started to feel ill. When one of the band reached to catch Roc as he was about to fall from the central altar, the unfortunate pirate was incinerated in a wall of flame. As his fellows started to draw their weapons Roc’s anger was directed to them and they were also vaporized. With strange emotions threatening to overwhelming him, Roc became comatose. There was an unknown alien who was in the process of strip-mining the ruins noticed the event on his scanners. Edward-1138 came upon the immobile being and determined it “might” have future recycling value.

  • Aspect: Unstable Psychic


Roc awoke on a garbage ship third class in the cargo hold next to a mosture evaporator. In order to prevent being recycled he had to make some sort of amends with the captain. While travelling with Edward-1138 they came upon a derelic ship and a lone survivor. While cared nothing for the money offered by the engineer he knew that the Edward-1138 needed salvage. He agreed to hunt down the pirates and recover the engineer’s crew. Orbiting a moon of Nomen V Roc did a long range EVA to the pirate vessel and slew them all with a combination of heavy bolter fire and chaotic fire. Making sure that he left no witnesses to his battle rage he freed the crew as promised. Now aboard the garbage hauler he now sought answers to his condition.

  • Aspect: Taint of Chaos

On your own

Roc has adjusted to his new life as a 4th grade retrival engineer and enjoyed the technical knowledge of his new found crewmates. The captain and his mutated female assistance have grafted coherent bonded super dense plates to Roc’s skin. He is using this opportunity to learn more about his origins and the source of his strange “gifts”. By hiding on the ship of Captain Edward-1138 he has managed to evade the rogue government operatives and vengeful pirates.

  • Aspect: Armor Plated


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