Repurposing-Engineer 2nd-class



  • Science-3
  • Resolve-2
  • Stealth-2
  • Agility-1
  • Brawling-1
  • Survival-1


  • Skill Substitution: Science
  • Have A Thing (Genetic Paragon): Integrated equipment (cargo handler)
  • Have A Thing (Stealth Suit): “Stealth” aspect (chameleon suit to environment, can turn on/off heat signatures, make bigger smaller, etc., aids in stealth checks, can look like different types of clothing)

Stress Tracks


Growing Up

The forbidden daughter of a third generation genetic scientist within the First Galactic Syndicate system, Jenna’s spark should have never come into being. Her unborn older brother, Zach, and her mother both died in an accident in lab 159…so irradiated and scarred that her father hadn’t even been able to view the bodies. That should have been the end of it, after all her father had already had his chance at propagation. But he was a stubborn man with a mind not well constrained by rules, despite a lifetime of slavery. He collected her genetic material from a single strain of hair, purified and enhanced it, and merged it with his own in their home laboratory. She, Jenna, was the result. The child who should not have been. Forbidden, hidden, and the first of their line without a collar, she learned science at the feet of her father and deception by necessity.

  • Aspect: It is Forbidden?

Starting Out

When she was 15 years old her father arranged passage for her on the first freighter out of the system. As luck would have it the ship was taken by pirates, and she spent the next 6 months hiding about the ship. She memorizing the schedule of the crew to maximize her ability to stay hidden. She stole scraps of food where she could. She was not completely undetected, however. The crew, was certain that there was a ghost. When they finally offloaded their ill-begotten gains at Gateway, Jenna, hid herself amongst the cargo…and finally was free.

  • Aspect: Space Ghost

Moment Of Crisis

Her freedom didn’t last long, however, since the cargo was offloaded directly to the Ylondian Cartal, she soon found herself within the labrynthine depths of a creaking, aged space station. Here she found secret places, watched, and listened to the innermost secrets of the cartel. As thugs went, these were not the worst that she had seen, though that didn’t mean that they weren’t cruel, or enjoyed people listening to their conversations. Eventually she was found out and confronted with physical force…except…everyone was so slow, clumsy, and well, weak. She hurt two of them badly, before turning and fleeing. Distracted, with one eye over her shoulder, her reflexes couldn’t save her from colliding into the side of a hover bike as it hummed past. The driver, a young woman smelling of alcohol and cheap cigars reached out to help her… She yelped tumbling, and scrambling away in fear. For a moment she saw herself reflected in the young pilots eyes…a wretched, tattered thing.

  • Aspect: Genetic Paragon


The tidy little man was not much to look at. Perhaps thats what drew her to him. She spied him walking amongst the pirates and traders of the space station amidst a boisterous throng of spacers…not one of them even spoke to him. It was like he wasn’t even there. Standing in a crowd of people he was all but invisible. Having learned to hide in the environment she was surprised to see this master…able to hide from those around him by wandering in plane sight. He was also extremely perceptive. It was like he could see right through any of the old junk she hid behind, almost making a game of it. She would hide, he would wander up to the junk, scavenge what parts he could, and move onto her next hiding place. So, when he offered her nutrient paste she took it as code…come and learn at the feet of a master! She took the de-molecularizer too and put it with the others. Couldn’t have too many of those.

  • Aspect: Curious

On Your Own

Jenna is now aboard a space cruiser of the 3rd class, and is the acting science officer, geneticist, and an infiltrator. She is learning to be boring…very boring to the point of invisibility. She enjoys her new family, and likes to pretend they like her too. So when the cryptic message finally reached her, she went to them for help….“Lab 159 was a lie.”

  • Aspect: A New Family!


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