Hiro Ito

Captain in exile


Short, even for a Mantican, and powerfully built.


Tactics (3)
EVA (2)
Engineering (2)
Pilot (1)
Repair (1)
Brawling (1)
Resolve (1)


Have a thing (spacecraft)
Specialist (tactics)
Extra stress box (health)

Stress Tracks

Health: 4
Composure: 4
Wealth: 3


Growing Up

Hiro Ito was born into a proud family that owns one of the Mantican mining conglomerates. While he has lived a life of relative luxury, the family belief is that he needs to “earn his way” and at the age of ascent he was stripped of all property and title and consigned to the lowest rank of a mining crew on one of the harshest worlds in the system. If he is able attain the rank of captain he will take his place as an owner of the corporation.

  • Aspect: Prideful

Starting Out

As his first job on the ship Hiro was assigned to the engineering department as the “bilge snipe” due to the resent his crew feels towards his station in society as well as his runt-like stature. He spends all of his time cleaning the dirtiest parts of the engineering compartment and doing the hardest and most dangerous assignments during on-world and EVA mining operations.

  • Aspect: something to prove

Moment of Crisis

During a particularly far-flung resource gathering mission Hiro’s ship was assaulted by aliens. The command crew was captured and taken aboard for slaves and the rest of the ship was “sterilized.” Since Hiro had spent so much time in the guts of the ship he was able to barricade himself in an isolated corner of the ship and survive. He was tempted to write off the crew as lost and return as “captain” to claim his birthright. However, he couldn’t write off his crew as easily as they had written him off and undertook a daring rescue mission with the help of a passing space pirate, Roc. Roc demanded the cargo from the most recent mission in payment for both the help and not taking Hiro’s ship. The rescue, masterminded my Roc, leveraged the strengths Hiro had acquired from all the hard work, engineering talents, and dangerous missions he had become accustomed to. Unfortunately the thankless crew ignored the heroics of the rescue and focused on the loss of cargo, relegating him right back to former station of bilge snipe as a result.

  • Aspect: The resentful hero Hiro


Since the rescue of his command crew Hiro had suffered an inordinate amount of abuse and had started to adopt the unfortunate backstabbing ways of Mantican society. This approach had resulted in the silent and unexplained deaths of several of his more ardent abusers. However, one night while enjoying some much needed shore leave he had goaded an obviously drunken alien, who was cheating very poorly, into a physical altercation to finally prove his ruthlessness in public and earn the respect of his crew. Unfortunately one of the alien’s crew stepped in and denounced the drunkard. Hiro was puzzled why anyone would stand up for him and started to question his decision to adopt the backstabbing Mantican ways. He decided that all of the strategy and tactics he had been cultivating might have more uses than just personal advancement up the corporate ladder.

  • Aspect: Can a tactical mind be used for good?

On Your Own

Ever since his dealings with the compassionate alien, Hiro had begun to question Mantican values. In an unfortunate turn of events his command crew became trapped on a derelict space station that they were running a salvage mission on, once again requiring his rescue. Rather than suffer more injustices at their hand, Hiro decided to fire a torpedo and strike out on his own. While he mourned his decision to once again adopt the backstabbing nature of his people, he compensated by sending his father a message stating his intention to never return and claim his birthright. He struck out with his ship and hard-earned cargo to discover what else life might hold in store for him…
*Aspect: Resolute loner

Hiro Ito

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