Edward-1138 Reclamation-Engineer

Space Janitor Extraordinaire



  • Profession (reclamation engineer)-3
  • Engineering (space)-2
  • Repair-2
  • Computer (space)-1
  • Navigation-1
  • Demolitions-1


  • Have a thing: “Garbage Scow 3rd-class, CSRS-1701-F”, a T3-slipstream ship
  • Skill replacement (assets): profession (reclamation engineer)
  • Skill replacement (resolve): profession (reclamation engineer)

Stress Tracks

  • Health: 3
  • Composure: 5
  • Wealth: 5

Growing Up

Edward-1138 Reclamation-Engineer grew up in the Centauri Socialist Republic. As has been the case for hundreds of years in the star system, he is an optimally engendered in-vitro fertilized clone with a pre-planned educational and career arc, eventually leading to planned obsolescence and mandatory recycling.

  • Aspect: Cloned for mediocrity

Starting Out

There was never any question that Edward-1138 would be a Reclamation Engineer — it was literally what he was born to do. Despite this, he showed particular aptitude and flair for his pre-ordained profession, diving into (the garbage) with gusto.

  • Aspect: Born to Recycle

Moment Of Crisis

Edward-1138 was so efficient at what he did that he was given a particularly difficult recycling duty — chasing down errant space debris in the most fuel-efficient possible way so that value could still be obtained from recycling said debris. Eventually, having repeatedly proven his capabilities in this regard, it seems as though a…. “less than scrupulous” director (or perhaps overly enthusiastic at best) gave Edward-1138 a “not very noticable” ship and directed him to “gather recycling” from other star systems. This scavenging upset Edward-1138 because it didn’t seem quite “right”… but he dutifully followed orders — after all, the alternative was unthinkable.

Several months later, his acute sense of order was tweaked by the presence of an almost imperceptible young girl on a rather unsavory space station where he had stopped to refuel. Edward-1138 kept an eye on this thing which was “out-of-place” and noticed that she was exceptionally good at ferreting out resources where it seemed as though there were none to be had — she seemed like she would be a perfect Reclamation Engineer! He tried multiple times to make her acquaintance and eventually with a crafty offer of nutrient paste and a spare de-molecularizer was able to get her name — Jenna.

  • Aspect: It doesn’t matter where it came from


In a mostly inevitable cascade of necessity and eroding morality, a little more than a year of free-lance salvage on behalf of the Centauri Socialist Republic resulted in Edward-1138 basically taking anything that wasn’t nailed down with an armed guard — and even not always then. Having discovered that there were abandoned ruins on Scar-eph that had mysteriously not been recycled for hundreds or thousands of years, Edward-1138 decided that was a nearly criminal level of waste and resolved to disassemble and re-purpose the entire Great God Vrak-kaz step pyramid complex and its associated half-buried necropolis. During these efforts, Edward-1138 discovered the still-smoking chunks of some unidentified band of humanoids along with an unconscious or dead hulking alien. Given that one of the earliest duties of a Reclamation-Engineer is recycling corpses for the manufacture of soylent-green brand nutrient paste, Edward-1138 gathered all the biologicals and put them in his Number 2 cargo hold designated for the food-recycler.

To his surprise, the hulk later returned to consciousness and stoically gave his name as “Roc”. Never one to pass up an opportunity to recycle, Edward-1138 repurposed Roc as a Retrieval-Engineer 4th class.

  • Aspect: Unlikely leader

On Your Own

Still at the helm of his trusty Garbage Scow 3rd-class, the CSRS-1701-F (called “Old Effy” or “The Big F”), Edward-1138 found himself with an unlikely crew on a five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly recycle where no man has recycled before.

  • Aspect: That…. can be recycled?

Edward-1138 Reclamation-Engineer

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