Sanshala (S)

  • Stats: (-1,2,-1)
  • Description: The best way to describe this system is symbiotic. The worlds have banded together to create an intricate system of trade routes expanding out from the most developed lush world known as ‘Halscon’. This world was the first to be populated by colonists whose history has been lost to the ages. Halscon’s relatively recent technology boom has been largely due in part to rediscovering lost devices and knowledge of these by gone colonists. They have progressed wisely, however, by not trampling the raw beauty of their own planet while recognizing the value of resources on what resides about them in the system. Small outposts for other planets are in the works while primitive mining operations have been in place for a short time.
  • Aspects: Progressive


  • Gaian Collective -2
  • First Galactic Syndicate (FGS) -1
  • Nomen (N) +0
  • Scar-eph (SE) +0
  • Mantico Mining Confederation (MMC) +0
  • The Arcadian Edenistic Commune (AEC) -2
  • Bandula (B) +3
  • Centauri Socialist Republic (CSR) +1
  • Free Belt Habitats (FBH) -1


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