Gaian Collective

Gaian Collective (GC)

  • Stats: 0, 3, 1
  • Description: The Gaiean Collective contains a dozen or so barren planets and several lush, habitable moons, some of which orbit the same planet. Some interplanetary trade has begun between the two moons Amos and Demos where the local intelligent fauna, humans, have been shown to share a single genetic ancestor.
  • Aspects: Lost Heritage; “We can make it better”


  • First Galactic Syndicate (FGS) -1
  • Nomen (N) +0
  • Scar-eph (SE) +4
  • Mantico Mining Confederation (MMC) +1
  • The Arcadian Edenistic Commune (AEC) +2
  • Bandula (B) +0
  • Sanshala (S) -2
  • Centauri Socialist Republic (CSR) +0
  • Free Belt Habitats (FBH) +0

Gaian Collective

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