Free Belt Habitats

Free Belt Habitats (FB)

  • Stats: (-1, 1, -1)
  • Description: The original main world of this system was rendered uninhabitable when its star abruptly left the main sequence. This bathed the star system with hard radiation, but fortunately the burgeoning civilization of Gedrok V already had a robust astroid mining industry. Faced with the imminent death of their world they poured all of their resources into building space habitats from asteroids, the largest being a bernal sphere called “The Egg.” Since then most readily available resources have been exhausted and they are no longer capable of either building or maintaining advanced spacecraft.
  • Aspects: “Blue Sky…what’s that?” ; “That’s not junk!”


  • Gaian Collective +0
  • First Galactic Syndicate (FGS) +0
  • Nomen (N) +3
  • Scar-eph (SE) +1
  • Mantico Mining Confederation (MMC) +1
  • The Arcadian Edenistic Commune (AEC) +1
  • Bandula (B) +2
  • Sanshala (S) +1
  • Centauri Socialist Republic (CSR) +1

Free Belt Habitats

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