First Galactic Syndicate

First Galactic Syndicate (FGS)

  • Stats: (1, -2, 3)
  • Description: The tale of the 1st Galactic Syndicate is as old as greed itself. The Mega Corps arose at the end of the Atomic Wars, when the industry and and fire of the free nations collapsed into physical and financial ruin…and the Corp collected this debt, recovering the very best tech and enslaving the very best minds of the generation into familial slavery. Of all the worlds of the 1st Galactic System, only one remains habitable, Core I. The rest…several uninhabitable yet, minerally rich worlds, are being plundered for their wealth.
  • Aspects: Cultivated Avarice; By Any Means Necessary


  • Gaian Collective -1
  • Nomen (N) -1
  • Scar-eph (SE) -4
  • Mantico Mining Confederation (MMC) +1
  • The Arcadian Edenistic Commune (AEC) -2
  • Bandula (B) +1
  • Sanshala (S) -1
  • Centauri Socialist Republic (CSR) +2
  • Free Belt Habitats (FBH) +0

First Galactic Syndicate

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